European experts on Nature Based Solutions gathered at PlaNet’s kick off meeting

Published 27.11.2020 , last updated 15.09.2023

Researchers from 12 institutions joined in when NGI hosted the first kick off meeting for PlaNet on November 23. The aim is to be a network of competence on Nature Based Solutions.

– Our ambition is to create and promote interaction on how vegetation can be used to mitigate rainfall-induced geo-hazards, including landslides and erosion, while at the same time support local ecosystems, project leader for PlaNet and project engineer at NGI, Vittoria Capobianco said, introducing the network’s ambitions.

Starting up during the pandemic due to Covid 19, the first meeting had to be on Teams. The virtual work will continue forward to also include pandemic-conscious, virtual site/laboratory visits.

– To generate interest in the society about use of vegetation as means for climate induced geo-hazards and enhance impact of PlaNet beyond the ‘research’ boundaries, we plan to film the site visits and publish films on YouTube, Capobianco said.

Cross sectional knowledge

Geotechnical Engineering, Ecosystem restoration, ecohydrology, hydro-meteorological solutions and environmental DNA were some of the terms mentioned when the network partners introduced themselves and their research. In advance, the 12 researchers had also been asked to elaborate on what had inspired them in their research.

– Nature itself inspires my work, Alexia Stokes (INRA) said, memorizing plants outside her bedroom window as a child.

– In the Alps, landslides can destroy villages. I want to work to prevent landslides because prevention is better than having to pay for the consequences, Dominika Krzeminska (NIBIO) said.

During the first meeting several partners emphasized the high level of expertise gathered in PlaNet and how they were looking forward to vital discussions, exchanging knowledge and ideas, exploring new research collaboration opportunities.

Next activity will be the organization of the workshop to be held virtually during the first quarter of 2021. Worth mentioning is that there has also been submitted a proposal for an EGU session. More info can be found here

The network partners:

  • Dagmar Hagen (NINA)
  • Dominika Krzeminska (NIBIO)
  • Sjored Vanderzee (WUR)
  • Alessandro Tarantino (UStr)
  • Anne Hormes (BWF)
  • Vittoria Capobianco (NGI)
  • Sabatino Cuomo (UNISA)
  • Alexia Stokes (INRA)
  • Federico Preti (UNIFI)
  • Helen French (NMBU)
  • Enrique Romero Morales (UPC)
  • Louis Vick (UiT)